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Summary Report on The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Zoning Plan

Berikut adalah contoh Rencana Zonasi yang dilakukan oleh Taman Laut The Great Barrier Reef di Negara Australia. Ini sebagai bahan komparasi saja dalam penyusunan rencana zonasi wilayah pesisir dan pulau pulau kecil di kita:

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Act 1975 (‘the Act’) provides for the establishment, control, care and development of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park (‘the Marine Park’). The Act confers responsibility for the management of the Marine Park upon the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (‘the GBRMPA’).
In managing the Marine Park and the relevant responsibilities for the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, the GBRMPA contributes to implementing Commonwealth Government policies such as:
• Australia’s Oceans Policy (1998) which advocated implementation of a representative areas network;
• Australian and New Zealand Environment and Conservation Council’s “Strategic plan of action for establishing the national representative system of marine protected areas” (1999);
• the National Strategy for Conservation of Australia’s Biological Diversity (1996);
• the Intergovernmental Agreement on the Environment (1992); and the
• the National Strategy for Ecologically Sustainable Development (1992).

Australia also has international commitments to developing a representative area network under, for example, the Convention on Biological Diversity (1992). Other States and Territories in Australia are also contributing to this nation-wide initiative.
The GBRMPA is mindful of government obligations arising from such international Conventions as the:
• World Heritage Convention 1972;
• Convention on Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals 1979; and
• Convention on Biological Diversity 1992.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Zoning Plan 2003 (‘the Zoning Plan’) has been developed as the primary planning instrument for the conservation and management of the Marine Park, in accordance with Section 32 of the Act, for:
the conservation of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR);
the regulation of the wise use of the Marine Park so as to protect the GBR while allowing the reasonable use of the GBR Region;
the regulation of activities that exploit the resources of the GBR Region so as to minimise the effect of those activities on the GBR;
the reservation of some areas of the GBR for its appreciation and enjoyment by the public; and
the preservation of some areas of the GBR in its natural state undisturbed by man except for the purposes of scientific research.

The Zoning Plan has been prepared in accordance with the Act. The process has included two statutory (formal) phases of Community Participation as well as other informal consultation. Both formal phases of Community Participation were widely advertised, inviting the public to make submissions. Subsections 32(3 & 9) of the Act requires the GBRMPA to ‘… give due consideration to any representations so made’. • • • • •
The first formal Community Participation phase (CP1) of the Representative Areas Program (‘the RAP’) was conducted from 7 May – 7 August 2002, and was designed to canvas the views of the public on the proposal to prepare a new Zoning Plan. The GBRMPA released the Draft Zoning Plan (‘the DZP’) for public comment from 2 June – 4 August 2003 (CP2). Over 31 500 submissions were received during the two formal phases of public consultation. The consultation undertaken by the GBRMPA for the RAP was one of the largest examples of public involvement in any environmental planning process in Australia’s history.
The final Zoning Plan was developed after consideration of all submissions, additional information gathered during CP1 and CP2, the best available natural resource, social, economic and cultural information, and management issues. It builds on the framework established by previous Zoning Plans for the Far Northern, Cairns, Central, Mackay/Capricorn and Gumoo Woojabuddee Sections and provides a single consistent Zoning Plan for the entire Marine Park. The Zoning Plan also provides zoning for 28 new coastal Sections, which were included in the Marine Park between 2000 and 2001.
Many of the provisions of previous Zoning Plans have been updated in the Zoning Plan. The Zoning Plan also provides for the description of zone boundaries though a process of coordinate-based mapping. In addition to the conservation benefits, these changes provide a simpler and more consistent basis for the management of activities throughout the Marine Park.
The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority considered and made the Zoning Plan on 26 November 2003. The Zoning Plan was then delivered to the Honourable Dr David Kemp, the then Minister for the Environment and Heritage, who accepted and tabled the Zoning Plan in both Houses of the Federal Parliament on 3 December 2003. The Zoning Plan passed through both Houses of the Federal Parliament and came into effect on 1 July 2004.

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